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Welcome to Pro Baby Scan

We are OPEN during this 2nd nationwide lockdown and our essential scan packages are available for you to book.

If you have any queries please call us on 0191 2841355 or email info@gosforthprivateclinic.co.uk

Welcome to Pro-Baby Scan at Gosforth Private Clinic, a State-of the-art medical clinic situated in the heart of Gosforth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

We use cutting edge 4D ultrasound technology to bring images of your unborn baby to life and our range of Early Pregnancy Reassurance Scans, Dating & Viability First Scans, Gender Scans, Growth Scans and 3D Scans & 4D Scans are designed to fit into the various stages of your pregnancy from 6 to 42 weeks.

All the Scan Packages include a Well-Being Check of the Baby.

We offer Early Reassurance Scans from 6 weeks of pregnancy and we can tell you the Gender at 16 weeks.

Our scans are performed only by fully qualified, NHS registered and regulated Sonographers, who follow the latest safety guidelines. It is emphasised that baby scans at ProBaby Scan do not replace any NHS hospital scans.



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Thankyou Fiona for sharing this lovely picture with us. Lucas had his 4D scan at Gosforth Private Clinic in 2016 and came along to watch his baby brother’s #4D # scan on Saturday. ❤️❤️


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